Ep 159 | How to Cure the Harm that Death Culture Inflicts on Your Mental Harmony
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Anxiety and depression resulting from overwhelming but subconscious awareness of death. Do you see too many death-related films? Is your emotional equilibrium harmed by over exposure to a death culture? Is your spiritual stability more fragile than it should be on account of a death culture around you? Oversimplifying the school shooting in Uvalde Texas or the one in Columbine, Colorado in April 1999. When people insist that there is one, and only one reason for a complex situation, they are dishonestly promoting an agenda. Did the police really stand around doing nothing for an hour while the killing inside continued? The same number of victims who were shot to death in Uvalde are murdered every 14 days in Chicago. And many more are shot with intent to kill but miraculous emergency room physicians keep them alive. Why no outrage? Are younger victims somehow more tragic? What about the youngest of all--babies killed in utero? Dealing with death. The ways in which the emotional and mental damage from death obsession resembles radiation poisoning from radio active sources. Three practical strategies for dealing with the baleful impact of living in a culture of death and restoring joy to your life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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