Ep 111 | Plummeting Sperm Counts is the Problem, not Climate Change. What’s With You Guys?
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Welcome Happy Warriors. Africa’s fertility rate, children per woman, is 4.5. Israel is 3.1. America is 1.6. China is 1.3. Less than 2.1 means shrinking population and resulting shrinking economy. In an attempt to solve this problem, China has just upgraded rules from 2 to 3 children per family. China is already short about 50 million women as a result of the one-child-per-family policy. Yes, if they are having only one child, most couples would like it to be a boy. About 50 million Chinese men will never find brides in China. This is not good news. The consequence of diminishing population is declining economy. Some countries decided to solve the shrinkage problem by importing single, young Muslim men from the Middle East and North Africa. How’s that working out for you France, Germany, and Sweden? Your rabbi explains why that strategy is failing so dismally. Forget climate change—our future is really threatened by plummeting sperm counts of American men. Your rabbi explains what has been causing the declining ability of US men to father a child. While we’re at it, we also discuss the connection between women having fewer babies and their voices becoming more masculine. Hundreds of incarcerated California men moved into women’s prisons in 2021. (They claim to identify as women.) Almost no women want to move to men’s prisons. Who’d have thought it? The clue to all this is in Scrolling Thru Scripture 'https://www.wehappywarriors.com/scrolling-through-scripture-unit1' . This is the way to make sure that Happy Warriors never deteriorate into tennis balls floating down the gutter of life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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