Ep 128 | The More That Things Change, The More We...
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Discover the five things that have never changed in thousands of years and never will. The most important thing for a woman to know about the man she marries. Secrets of communication between husbands and wives. The most painful words a man hears and which terrify most men. The things that husbands and wives should never tell one another. The real challenge of children. The only things you are responsible for teaching your child. It’s really hard never to lie to your child. Find your Happy Warrior community in order to connect, communicate, collaborate, cooperate and create at https://www.wehappywarriors.com/happy-warriors-basic . Learn about the loss of trust that occurs when people, corporations or governments lie to you. The first place your child is likely to encounter serious physical violence. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Do you know how old is the sexiest man in the world? Now, how old is the sexiest woman in the world? Rolls Royce cars like the RR Phantom are all very well. They’re more than all very well. But the new Rolls Royce small modular nuclear power plant is a real winner. Why not replace a million...
Published 11/20/21
Virtually all political debate, conflict, and hostility today is between the state religion of government and ruling classes, namely Secular Progressive Fundamentalism, and the more conservative outlook springing from the Bible-based Judeo-Christian tradition. This religion, SPF, has also been...
Published 11/13/21
Published 11/13/21