Do you know the design origins of the clothes you wear? Cultural appropriation in the fashion industry isn't a bad thing IF those groups who inspired the designs we wear are credited, involved and paid in the process. So how do we know if they where? Singer, friend and legend Kyle 'Kyva" Linanhan helps the boys de robe the truth to cultural appropriation. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 10/16/20
Being fashionable doesn't always mean you have good style - Like when Andy dresses like a teenage witch - So what is the difference between style and fashion? Find out when Channel 9 stylist and Christian's BFF, Beck, breaks it down thread by thread.  
Published 04/02/20
Published 04/02/20
How did Mediterranean migrants influence Australian fashion for the better? Christian and Andy de-robe and dissect the end of the ‘floppy hat with corks’ fashion era and the start of Australian-Glam, thanks to our friends from ‘The Med’ - with insights from Grazia Magazines Fashion Features Editor and Greek-Glam-Guru, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis.
Published 03/20/20
When does criticism tip over to become bullying? The creator of 'Fashion Critical', the hilarious Facebook albums commenting on the biggest fashion events, talks bout toeing the line between critic and criticism, oh, and she also talk about "Toooeeeess"! (You'll get the joke when you hear the episode). But shhhh...they've never done an interview before, so it's a secret.
Published 03/05/20
If you had $65,00 to spend on clothes, this is man would look after you. The world of high end consumerism with Peter From Louis Vuitton
Published 07/18/19
Is it tokenism or actual inclusion? Representing monorities in fashion with 'Destiny's Child' super woman and fashion queen, duh... it's Kelly Rowland.   The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at podcastone.com.au 
Published 06/27/19
If ‘Invention’ is the mother of necessity then ‘Re-invention’ is the cooler, younger and more stylish daughter. How to keep fashion forever fresh with legendary Aussie designer Sarah Jane Clark.  The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at podcastone.com.au 
Published 06/06/19
When does a fetish become less torture and more couture? Rubber, latex and military chic with Ru Paul's Drags Race winner and super fetish Drag Queen, Violet Chachki. The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at podcastone.com.au 
Published 05/16/19
Is double tapping on Insta the same as flicking through your fav fashion mags? The evolution of the fashion 'zine with Harper's Bazaar Australia former Editor In Chief, Kellie Hush.   The Radical Fashionism Instagram   Get in touch at podcastone.com.au 
Published 12/20/18
How does fashion stop destroying the world and start saving it instead? Andy's op-shopping tips plus turning bottles into sequence with Aussie fashion royalty Kit Willow....luv. The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at podcastone.com.au
Published 12/06/18
Can you really do fashion at any age? Or do you just end up wearing a uniform? Ageing alongside your fashion with Christian's mum...awww cute.  The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at podcastone.com.au
Published 12/05/18
Policy or Pleats? Whats more important when we trusting the people in charge? Christian and Andy reminisce on Paul Keating's power suits and how women are viewed in the political landscape.The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at podcastone.com.au
Published 11/30/18
Do you use fashion to embrace your true self, or does your outfit hide it? Embracing sexuality through fashion with friend, singer, Icon...Boy George.
Published 11/22/18
Tattoos, accessory or stigma? The rise of the tattoo and its current place in fashion. Christian & Andy are joined by celebrity Tattooist Lauren Winzer https://www.instagram.com/radicalfashionism/ https://www.instagram.com/podcastoneau
Published 11/15/18
What is fashion's role in empowering and/or objectifying women? Christian & Andy discuss feminism in fashion with friend Isa Manfredi, front woman from the band, 'The Preachers.' https://www.instagram.com/radicalfashionism/ https://www.instagram.com/podcastoneau
Published 11/07/18
What is Radical Fashionism and who is Christian & Andy? https://www.instagram.com/radicalfashionism/ https://www.instagram.com/podcastoneau
Published 11/07/18
In Radical Fashionism, best mates Christian Wilkins and Andy Kelly strut down the catwalk of key fashion moments. Expect to hear pop culture references and plenty of strange tangents as they interview and explore what it means to them to love fashion while attempting to figure out its role in modern society and how culture shapes couture. Getting insight from fashion designers, spectators and icons to stars of music, screen and politics, the boys unstitch the aesthetic of the multi-billion...
Published 11/04/18