Molly Yeh Of “Girl Meets Farm” On Her New Book And Restaurant
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Molly Yeh has come a long way since starting her blog, My Name Is Yeh. She moved to Minnesota, got married, became a mom, and filmed 12 seasons of her Food Network show, "Girl Meets Farm." She’s also penned two cookbooks, including her latest, "Home Is Where The Eggs Are," a heartfelt and often humorous look at her life and the recipes she creates. Molly’s grand adventure continues with Bernie’s, a restaurant that she and her husband are opening in a historic spot in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Bernie’s will feature Molly’s favorite baked goods, local produce, and the kind of Midwestern classics you can’t find in restaurants, like cookie salad. Molly chats with host Kerry Diamond about her reasons for wanting to open a restaurant, the inspiration behind her new book, and her favorite foods—from power bagels to granola bars to halva. Our podcast is recorded at Newsstand Studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Our theme song is by the band Tra La La. Subscribe to our newsletter and check out past episodes and transcripts here! More on Molly: Molly’s cookbook tour Instagram Bernie’s restaurant Molly x Ground Up Marzipan with Sprinkles Nut Butter Molly x Hebel & Co. Peanut Butter Chocolate Crisp Halva
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