Published 06/02/23
The fellas share their experiences cooking trash meals for their ladies.
Published 06/02/23
Please welcome comedian Hassan Phills as he shares his entire Malaria experience including getting shredded as a result.
Published 05/26/23
The team regroups in an audio exclusive to break down the Noel Miller episode, full meals in theatres and their LA press-run.
Published 05/19/23
Noel Miller joins us to discuss the life-long journey we face while finding our swag.
Published 05/12/23
Wahlid finally jumps on the Random Order Show to reveal what we already knew: he crashed our jeep
Published 05/05/23
Jae & Trey's Dad flies down to Orlando and experiences the expensive Disney World.
Published 04/28/23
On this episode we face the reality of A.I. voices; the late-night hotline game will be dominated by bots.
Published 04/21/23
Jae is humbled and learns proper data storage practices after a janky external hard-drive goes bust.
Published 04/14/23
The brothers link up for a major discussion about the history of milk.
Published 04/07/23
Among other random things, the brothers unpack the trials & tribulations of their TV mounting experiences.
Published 03/31/23
Sheldon details how he missed his flight to Orlando. Jae & Trey reminisce on missed flights.
Published 03/24/23
Jae, Trey and Sheldon discuss people playing their favorite driving music loud enough to drown out the sounds their deteriorating car is making
Published 03/17/23
Jae, Trey and Sheldon unite to explore hats including the infamous hat worn when times are hard.
Published 03/10/23
Sheldon takes us through how he slept through the party he flew home for.
Published 03/03/23
Jae, Trey and Sheldon connect in Orlando, Florida for a closer look at getting the life smacked out of you (professionally).
Published 02/24/23
Jae, Trey & Sheldon unpack LeBron James' butt crack and what this means for basketball.
Published 02/17/23
After 9 days of punishment in the gym lead by our boy Julian, Sheldon opens up.
Published 02/10/23
The gang reunites in the flesh to discuss getting absolutely ruined while demonstrating for your TikTok.
Published 02/03/23
We discuss the classic chicken-in-sink wash, chicken seasoning gloves and air mattresses.
Published 01/27/23
Jae & Trey's Dad to talk Jamaican ghosts, Jamaican reno projects and his Canadian Tesla
Published 01/20/23
A pretty serious conversation about getting ripped, DIY bread & a developing beef with Bezos.
Published 01/13/23
Music Manager Danny Bersco joins to pitch business ideas that didn't make Shark Tank.
Published 01/06/23
We cover sneaky Christmas gifts, aiming to drink more coffee, Avatar and our complicated relationship with cheese.
Published 12/30/22
Magician Savio Joseph joins us on Random Order to talk about the magic game.
Published 12/23/22