we always have expecations about anything that might happen in the future, and that's what mainly stops us from doing it. Having this mindset and understanding the power of let's see what will happen it's a powerful mindset that will make us push this extra mile and start living. Let's live... My email: ramy.magic@hotmail.com Place an order Let's live agenda:00971585607498 (Delivery in 24 to 72 hours UAE/LEBANON)
Published 07/26/21
Our past is different; if your family passed through a divorce, it affects you somehow to this day, so whatever we experienced in our past reflects on us today. But we can let it go we can overcome it just with a wake up call and a desire to let go of all the burden. It's okay what happened in the past but we only got the present now, so let's focus on the present now change how we feel and live a better life. Let's Live... My email: ramy.magic@hotmail.com Place an order Let's live...
Published 07/13/21
because we are not in control of our use of social media ,and because bad media and news  are always showing up in front of us even if we don't want it , and others reason we got  depressed yet we don't know why! so in this episode I m elaborating the social media use and how we make our daily life a bit better. Let's always seek a better life, and as always  Let's Live... My email: ramy.magic@hotmail.com Place an order Let's live agenda:00971585607498 (Delivery in 24 to 72 hours UAE/LEBANON)
Published 07/05/21
Money is the root of evil, they always forget the most important word in this sentence,  greed for money is the root of all evil. In this episode we are going to elaborate the truth about money how to look at money. The moment you change the perception of money and you start treating it properly it will flow to your life. And I believe you me and them we all deserve to live fully. Let's live... My email: ramy.magic@hotmail.com Place an order Let's live agenda:00971585607498 (Delivery in 24...
Published 06/28/21
As much as it's true that science is very advanced nowadays, there are many things we still don't know. so My friends in every health aspect you have, do your own research, try them, and see how you feel if it's beneficial for you, take doctors' opinions, but don't just believe it blindfolded. There is 1000000 opinion in every health subject, we know the basic rules and the rest it's a matter of trying and coming up with your own conclusion. Being healthy reflects on your life and makes it...
Published 06/21/21
It's not easy to find your real purpose in life, what's the ultimate thing you want to achieve, it's a self-discovery. But you will never achieve it unless you know why you want to achieve it. Because getting a clear vision is a process, and only if you get lost within you will find answers and have a clear vision and feel so alive. Let's live... My email: ramy.magic@hotmail.com Place an order Let's live agenda:00971585607498 (Delivery in 24 to 72 hours dubai/beirut)
Published 06/14/21
In the 80's weed was an illegal drug from all the world. 90's things started to change until we get to 2021 and the world is split in half,half mentioning weed as a legal substance and more used from alcohol and tobacco, hence on the other side it's illegal and still considered a taboo to talk about. I will elaborate my 100% opinion about weed,I hope It expands your thoughts regarding the  subject. We evolve and develop everyday and if there is something that can add up to our lives, why...
Published 06/08/21
We think that to make a big change in our lives we need big steps, but in reality, it is all  based on tiny habits for a long time that will make a big difference. That is why we call it atomic habits, so understand the essence of our world and apply it  to your life so we live our life fully. Let's live... You can buy my agenda: https://bit.ly/3vDPbrc you can email me: ramy.magic@hotmail.com
Published 05/31/21
we always judge a person a trip an idea straight when it represents to us. though judgment is not a conscious opinion it's based on our past experiences from how the person looks, from the feeling we have for the next adventure. so why don't we look at new experiences (like meeting someone new or doing something new) without pre-judging, and come up with our conclusion throughout the journey? we will experience life on a whole new level. so let's live...
Published 05/24/21
Get your agenda today :  https://youtu.be/9hhfgsRJAXU A tipping point is all those factors that goes  unseen yet they are the reason to make a situation reach the tipping point. let's try to find those small factors and work on them change them to reach our tipping point. let's live... if you are interested in my booklets check them in the link below:
Published 05/08/21
I had to learn this,all those years ago , I m never focused on one thing.and always doing something while doing something else . concentration on one thing at a time and then you will enjoying life , and to be specific living it . key to happiness Let's live....
Published 04/29/21
when I got diagnosed with blood cancer I knew its gonna be a long road.and today I faced a bump that I m sharing with you the details, hopefully, you take those values and apply them to your life.and don't ever doubt yourself always look for the missing...
Published 04/20/21
the only matter that doesn't make us reach our full potential is fear, but it's part of the process, so don't give fear much importance and try to change my friend.because at the end of pain and fear there is  success there is happiness there is the...
Published 04/11/21
we always say that I need this but honestly, we don't deserve it.this episode will explain for us why we don't get what we need we only get what we truly deserve.Let's livee
Published 04/02/21
our philosophy our beliefs, it's time to look back at our beliefs that we didn't choose.so why not look back to our system and see if it truly makes sense to believe in what we were told, are our philosophies right do they make sense, are they letting...
Published 03/25/21
lifestyle is learning how to live,regardless of our bank account.its the idea of living the good life and having constant joy on the journey of life.and as always let's live.
Published 03/19/21
what is pain? can we remove pain from our life?a new perception about pain, understanding what's pain and live a pain free life.and as always let's live...
Published 03/11/21
looking for new achievements a lot of times we stop in the middle or we lose the motivation that pushed us to change in the first place.so what's the problem we ask why we are not able to finish what we started.when we decided to change it was an...
Published 03/07/21
we as human beings are not meant to be limited. we are here to explore our journey to the fullest be who we wanted to be and achieve what we desire to achieve.yet our society and eyes create limits in our minds and we fear achieving what we desire.so...
Published 02/28/21
Isnt our goal to live healthy strong and happy.This is my discovery of how i turned my life from  sickness with cancer. To healthy strong happy and full energy all day.Let’s live 
Published 02/18/21
we are all passing through hard times, either worrying about the virus or our business is unstable or we lost our job...but those hard times are here to teach a lesson and make us stronger and better.search for the beauty in disguise.let's become better...
Published 02/05/21
we look at others and we call them insane for acting or doing  a certain thing,yet we don't look at ourselves and see how insane we feel and act.this episode is a simple question to ask ourselves and be aware of our own insanity.let's live not just by...
Published 01/28/21
we are too afraid of discovering our true self, we are victims of this society to afraid to reveal our true self. this episode to enlighten us and give us faith to have the courage to explore ourselves.be different.let's live
Published 01/22/21
the true facts you just forgot about it , i m just saying the reality at loud.live right now nothing is guaranteed.lest live
Published 01/21/21
A story that filled my soul with fulfillment. and lives with me everyday.nothing is guaranteed live life every day as if its the last day.Let's live...
Published 01/21/21