Atomic habits
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We think that to make a big change in our lives we need big steps, but in reality, it is all  based on tiny habits for a long time that will make a big difference. That is why we call it atomic habits, so understand the essence of our world and apply it  to your life so we live our life fully. Let's live... You can buy my agenda: you can email me:
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we always have expecations about anything that might happen in the future, and that's what mainly stops us from doing it. Having this mindset and understanding the power of let's see what will happen it's a powerful mindset that will make us push this extra mile and start living. Let's...
Published 07/26/21
Our past is different; if your family passed through a divorce, it affects you somehow to this day, so whatever we experienced in our past reflects on us today. But we can let it go we can overcome it just with a wake up call and a desire to let go of all the burden. It's okay what happened in...
Published 07/13/21
because we are not in control of our use of social media ,and because bad media and news  are always showing up in front of us even if we don't want it , and others reason we got  depressed yet we don't know why! so in this episode I m elaborating the social media use and how we make our daily...
Published 07/05/21