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📚Lost Love: Win Back His Ex-wife After Divorce 🤙Read Now👉 ✒️Author: Igor Mudarri 💑Character: Catherine Lopez and Rupert Morrison --------------------------- 🎉Lost Love: Win Back His Ex-wife After Divorce novel summary She thought she could eventually win his love with her gentleness. But ultimately, she realized that this man was a downright iceberg. With a broken heart, she put an end to the relationship.  In those three years, he always thought his wife to be dull and boring. But who could've expected that, such a woman would slam the divorce papers on his face in front of everyone, right at the anniversary event of the Hughes Group.  Years after the divorce, when she won the Best Screenplay and he presented the award to her, The usually aloof man suddenly pleaded her, "I was blinded before. Would you give me a second chance?" Looking at him with an entrancing smile on her face, she spoke impassively, "Sorry, I'm married to my job now." 🤙Read Now👉 --------------------------- Follow Us: #LostLoveWinBackHisExwifeAfterDivorce #Romance #MoboReader #IgorMudarri #CatherineLopez #RupertMorrison #novel #book #story #fiction #goodnovel #webnovel #wattpad
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