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📚Divorce Has Never Felt This Good 🤙Read Now👉 ✒️Author: Kesley Peht 💑Character: Becky and Rory --------------------------- 🎉Divorce Has Never Felt This Good novel summary Becky endured three years of marriage to the cold-hearted Rory. In all that time, she naively reasoned that one day, he'd gradually come to like her. But the second he forced her to kneel down and humiliate herself, she knew she had been wrong about him. This man had no feelings for her at all. So why should she still love him? When Rory gave her the choice between kneeling down and divorcing, she didn't miss a beat and chose the latter. After all, why should she waste her youth on this scumbag? Wouldn't it be nicer for her to just have fun every day with her billion-dollar family fortune? 🤙Read Now👉 --------------------------- Follow Us: #Romance #Twist #Betrayal #Billionaire #KickassHeroine #Attractive #Courageous #novel #book #story #fiction #goodnovel #webnovel #wattpad
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