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📚Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top 🤙Read Now👉 ✒️Author: Rickie Appiah 💑Character: Trevor Sanderson --------------------------- 🎉Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top novel summary My family was on the poverty line and had no way to support me in college. I had to work part-time every day just to make ends meet and afford to get into the university. That was when I met her—the pretty girl in my class that every boy dreamt of asking out.   I was well aware she was out of my league.  Nevertheless, I mustered all my courage and bravely told her that I had fallen for her. To my surprise, she agreed to be my girlfriend.  With the sweetest smile I had ever seen, she told me that she wanted my first gift for her to be the latest and top-of-the-line iPhone. I worked like a dog and even did my classmates’ laundry to save up. My hard work eventually paid off after a month. I finally got to buy what she wanted.   But as I was wrapping my gift, I saw her in the dressing room, making out with the captain of the basketball team. She then heartlessly made fun of my inadequacy and made a fool out of me. To make things worse, the guy whom she cheated on me with even punched me in the face.   Desperation washed over me, but there was nothing I could do but lie on the floor as they trampled on my feelings.  But then, my father called me out of the blue, and my life turned upside down.   It turned out that I was a billionaire's son. 🤙Read Now👉 --------------------------- Follow Us: #Adventure #Adolescence #Windfall #Modest #Discreet #novel #book #story #fiction #goodnovel #webnovel #wattpad
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