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📕 The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate 📌 START READING👉 🎉Synopsis of The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate by Rianon Fisk Life was a bed of roses for Debra, the daughter of Alpha. That was until she had a one-night stand with Caleb Wright. She was sure he was her mate as determined by Moon Goddess. But this hateful man refused to accept her. Weeks passed before Debra discovered that she was pregnant. Her pregnancy brought shame to her and everyone she loved. Not only was she driven out, but her father was also hunted down by usurpers. Fortunately, she survived with the help of the mysterious Thorn Edge Pack. Five years passed and Debra didn't hear anything from Caleb Wright. One day, their paths crossed again. They were both on the same mission—carrying out secret investigations in the dangerous Roz Town for the safety and posterity of their respective packs. Caleb Wright was still cold toward her. But as time went on, he fell head over heels in love with her. He tried to make up for abandoning her, but Debra wasn't having any of it. She was hell-bent on hiding her daughter from him and also making a clean break. What did the future hold for the two as they journeyed in Roz Town? What kind of secrets would they find? Would Caleb Wright win Debra's heart and get to know his lovely daughter? Find out! 📌START READING👉 #romance #bestromances #audiobook #werewolf #werewolfbook #werewolfaudiobook #bestromancestory #moboreader #novel #book #story #fiction #drama #modern #audiobook #audiobooks #audiobooksfreeyourhands
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