Kate is refused entrance to Miss Perkle's School for Young Witches, that is until one of her spells saves the school from destruction and causes Miss Perkle to reconsider.
Published 07/29/20
Jesse just can't help but get dirty, which is a problem when he goes to visit his aunt who lives in a town where EVERYONE is clean and tidy, that is until the soap bandit steals all of the soap. As everything and everyone gets dirtier and dirtier, attitudes begin to change, until the whole town understands how much fun it is to do things that might just get them a little dirty.
Published 07/07/20
A young book lover thinks the librarian is a witch, only to find out how true that is when he is locked in the library after closing on a stormy night.
Published 06/14/20
When the Kite Flier's wife dies in childbirth, the Kite Flier stops making kites until he realizes the joy they bring his infant son. From that day forth kites are what father and son share. Even when the son is grown and moved away, the first windy day of each year they both put a kite up and let is fly away as a symbol of their love for each other.
Published 05/26/20
A thrilling account based on a true event which took place in Iowa, in 1881. A young Kate Shelley witnessed the collapse of a train bridge during a raging storm and risked her life crossing another trestle bridge in the pitch dark to warn the station master to stop the Midnight Express, which was already barreling toward disaster.
Published 05/06/20
Ona doesn't have any particular talent, not like her brother, the swiftest runner, or her sister, the storyteller. In fact, Ona means "nothing at all." But when the dragon from the distant mountains threatens to burn their village, it is Ona that is clever enough and brave enough to riddle the dragon, sending him back to the high mountains and earning herself the name Kima Reetana-"Brave One, Who Riddles with Dragons."
Published 04/16/20
Published 04/16/20
In this lovely retelling of a traditional Norse legend, a young girl finds a frozen bird during a long cold winter and calls upon Eostre, the Bringer of Spring, to help save the bird. What Eostre does explains how a rabbit and brightly colored eggs came to be associated with Easter.
Published 03/29/20
No young lad in Ireland made worse choices than Liam McLafferty, or so it would seem. It took the Fairy Queen to help Liam understand that his choices were really the best because they came from his heart.
Published 03/11/20
When Darlene, Rooster's pregnant heifer, wanders off during an ice storm, Rooster and his best friend, Cotton, must find her before she gives birth. Unfortunately, they are too late and they have to figure out how to get the newborn to safety. Rooster comes up with a cunning plan, but when Darlene decides she doesn't like it, Rooster's plan falls apart and all hilarity breaks loose.
Published 02/28/20
"She was a beautiful moose, the most beautiful moose in the forest. He was a shy young moose and he was in love with her." But when she is captured and taken to New York, he must summon all of his courage to rescue her. With the help of Professor Owl Mcfowl's invisibility potion,  he makes the trek to New York in search of his love.  "On the fresh white ground, their tracks appeared, two by two, as they headed north, and home."
Published 02/10/20
Gammelyn the dressmaker must make two impossible dresses for the wedding of a spoiled princess. But when she asks for a third dress made from butterfly wings, Gammelyn thinks that cruel and finds a way to avoid making the dress and deliver the princess her comeuppance at the same time.
Published 01/30/20
When the old lady was young she had brought home a cat from London, a Yak from Tibet and an Alligator from China. The magic mouse came with the house. They all lived quite contentedly together until the magic mouse proclaimed that it would rain for 30 days and 30 nights. The Old Lady decided that the nearby town needed to be warned, but which of them could brave the torrents and the quickly rising river?
Published 01/08/20
Every Christmas old Tante cuts a tree and decorates it with presents for the village children and farm creatures. Then one Christmas as Christkindel is passing by, the spiders ask him to open Tante's door so that they can see Christmas. Creeping quietly past a snoring Tante, they soon have the tree spun with magnificent webs which Christkindel turns to tinsel of gold and silver giving old Tante a special gift in return for her generosity.
Published 12/21/19
These are hard times and there are no Hanukkah presents this year for Morry and his family. Morry, however, is determined to have a Hanukkah to remember and does an act of kindness for a different neighbor each day for eight days bringing warmth, sharing and the real meaning of Hanukkah to everyone.
Published 12/12/19
Sahloul, Sheik Najjar's youngest son, hopes the mare he helped raise can win the honor of Banat er Rih, Daughter of the Wind. But even if she wins, he stands little chance of being named her master. That honor is likely to go to one of his older brothers. Luckily his father sees his love for the mare and both of his dreams come true.
Published 11/23/19
A Shepard’s snores have been so amplified since his visit to the Cave of Snores that they keep the other Shepherds awake, drown out the sound of the sheep bandit and alert the wolves to where the sheep are - that is until the Shepherds hire a magician to take away his snores. But the solution proves more harmful than the problem leaving the Shepard’s son to seek the Cave of Snores where he finds his own voice - er, snores.
Published 11/06/19
Come Halloween Cotton and his best friend Rooster decide to scare old man Garvey thinking he had stolen honey from a tree that was rightfully theirs. Despite a well-planned ghostly ambush, it is Cotton and Rooster that get the real fright, bested once again by old man Garvey.
Published 10/21/19
A lovely modernization of the classic selkie myth. Jessie always thought the face of Neptune on her grandfather's clock looked just like her grandfather, with kindly spiderweb creases. But when her grandfather disappeared and the same kindly creases showed up on one of two dolphins playing in the waves, Jessie knew that her grandfather had returned to the sea to be with her departed grandmother.
Published 10/07/19
Cracke Road in Charleston, South Carolina was on land that used to be a plantation and it was rumored that when you sang "Sweet Hour of Prayer" you could see the ghosts of slaves that tried to run away. No one believed it until a young girl said a ghost was going to help her reunite with her mother in New York, and sure enough, two weeks after disappearing a letter arrived from New York saying that she was safe and with her mother.
Published 09/23/19
Vas and her father are helping to terraform a distant planet from earth but the seedlings brought from earth are failing. While her father is away seeking council, Vas gets a little advice of her own from an old woman...in a hut...sprouting chicken legs?...in a haunted forest!..Baba Yaga? Oh, there are witches on this planet.
Published 09/11/19
A son disowned by his father years before, asks a weaver of magic cloth to make him and invisible cloak so that he may see his ailing father one more time. To the son's surprise, his father recognizes him and expresses his sorrow at their estranged years leading to a final and happy reunion.
Published 08/26/19