"Run, Kate Shelley, Run" by Julia Pferdehirt
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A thrilling account based on a true event which took place in Iowa, in 1881. A young Kate Shelley witnessed the collapse of a train bridge during a raging storm and risked her life crossing another trestle bridge in the pitch dark to warn the station master to stop the Midnight Express, which was already barreling toward disaster.
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Kate is refused entrance to Miss Perkle's School for Young Witches, that is until one of her spells saves the school from destruction and causes Miss Perkle to reconsider.
Published 07/29/20
Jesse just can't help but get dirty, which is a problem when he goes to visit his aunt who lives in a town where EVERYONE is clean and tidy, that is until the soap bandit steals all of the soap. As everything and everyone gets dirtier and dirtier, attitudes begin to change, until the whole town...
Published 07/07/20
A young book lover thinks the librarian is a witch, only to find out how true that is when he is locked in the library after closing on a stormy night.
Published 06/14/20