"Ethan Unbound" by Gary L. Blackwood
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A young book lover thinks the librarian is a witch, only to find out how true that is when he is locked in the library after closing on a stormy night.
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Young John Maxwell and his dad live in a Nebraska soddy, two and one-half miles from the railroad crossing. But with a freezing rain storm and only a half hour to intercept the afternoon train, that two and one-half mile ride on their little black mare, Ozark, seems like an eternity to John who...
Published 01/01/21
Young Marci needs the help of her neighbor, Mrs. Gold to plan a surprise Hanukkah party for her recently emigrated family. Since religious practices were banned in her native Soviet Union, Marci and her family never learned the true history of Hanukkah or how to celebrate it.
Published 12/07/20
After Jennie and her mother mixed the batter for the Christmas cake, Jennie took it into her sick father's room so that he could stir in his wish. Then Jennie and her mom both stirred in their wishes. Now, it was up to the Christmas Elf to grant one of the three wishes.
Published 11/29/20