"The Soap Bandit" by Dennis Haseley
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Jesse just can't help but get dirty, which is a problem when he goes to visit his aunt who lives in a town where EVERYONE is clean and tidy, that is until the soap bandit steals all of the soap. As everything and everyone gets dirtier and dirtier, attitudes begin to change, until the whole town understands how much fun it is to do things that might just get them a little dirty.
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During the Great Peshtigo Forest Fire of 1871, Susanna's papa sets off to help his sister-in-law and her baby back to the river and safety. But before he can make it home the smoke becomes so thick he loses all sense of direction. Luckily, Susanna has the presence of mind to climb the bell tower...
Published 09/16/20
Zachary just can't seem to stay in his seat. But as it turns out, it isn’t entirely his fault. Mr. Leeks, the old janitor, lets on that Zack’s seat is the orneriest bucking chair at W. T. Mellon Elementary School. Well, yahoo! Looks like there’s going to be a chair bustin’ rodeo in the classroom...
Published 08/31/20
A fresh and lively retelling of a traditional German folk tale in which a piper is not paid his due for ridding the town of Hamelin of its rats. But he forewarned the town that his pipe could play many tunes and they paid the price.
Published 08/16/20