Episode 19: Land of the Lustrous
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Phosphophyllite is a little ditzy and direct, and wants nothing more to fight against the violent Lunarians who come to Earth to capture them and their friends. Unfortunately, Phos isn't that tough, literally, and can shatter under a strong breeze if not careful. So, under the direction of ever-calm Kongo-sensei, Phos starts writing a natural history of the land, which quickly steers them off course into learning the vast secrets of life for the Lustrous, and the truth behind the never-ending feud with the Lunarians. What happens when rocks have feelings? What truly makes us human? Welcome to this sensational sci-fi seinen series, where Haruko Ichikawa asks the existential, Land of the Lustrous.  Joining us this episode is our wonderful guest Tales, to help us start the new year the best we can!! Follow Ray on her channel Whimsical Pictures and Twitter
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