[Part 2] Get Specific & Purposeful for Real Results
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This is the 2nd part of this 3-part series where you are going to learn HOW to accelerate your English learning to reach your English goals faster. Get the worksheets, audio downloads, and transcription for this special training podcast series here: https://realenglishconversations.com/email/deliberate-practice/   About this episode... The key is to STOP practicing English in this general ‘naive’ way… Is to make sure you have a CLEAR goal. So, what are your goals anyway? To speak more fluently... To listen and understand better... To have conversations in English... Or maybe to... Just get better at everything! Yep. Those are the things most people tell me. But, there is a little problem with those goals. … How do you define ‘speak more fluently’? … What does ‘more fluently’ look like? … And most importantly, how will you know when you’ve reached that point? As you can see, we need to get MORE specific. It’s not just trying to improve a specific skill (purposeful practice), but it’s also about trying to create a clear goal for a specific outcome. If your goals aren't totally "clear" yet, don't worry! THIS is exactly what today’s podcast is about. Learn how to get super specific about your goals so that you can identify the right activities that will get you there! > [Goal for 2022] Listen to the episode about setting goals here >> [Part 1] Accelerate Your Learning with Deliberate Practice
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