Summer Vacation Part 1 | Adventures in Guadalajara | Real English Stories
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It's been a few years since Amy & Curtis have had a summer vacation and they wanted to make the most of it by exploring some new places. Their trip was to Guadalajara which is the origin of Mariachi music and is in the state where tequilla was born. Hear about the unique way they explored the historic downtown, ate some amazing local food, survived the insane traffic, and even found a hidden gem in a national park.   Do you love our podcast conversations? Get full access to ALL of our conversations lesson including the ones that are exclusively available to premium members. Get the 80+ conversations here!   Unlock your fluency with Real Conversations with native speakers. Find a lesson time and book your trial lesson now! Learn to use phrasal verbs faster with crazy stories that are impossible to forget! Use phrasal verbs easily and sound more natural. Learn more about our course here! Get our latest podcast episode here! Read along with the text, find cool expressions, and quickly improve your listening. Get this free lesson here!
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