(Part 3) Creating Unstoppable Consistency
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Consistency is definitely a key element to making easy progress in any language. The problem is that it is hard to stay motivated and consistent for a long period of time.  In this episode, I'll share a trick that has helped us to stay consistent with our language learning even when life is super busy! To get the transcription for this podcast, click here.   
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This is Part 2 of the interview with Moreno. In the first interview, we discussed space exploration and In this conversation, we’re talking about snowboarding. and filmmaking and the great Canadian sport of hockey. Do you love our podcast conversations? Get full access to ALL of our...
Published 03/21/23
This is part 1 of a 2-part interview podcast, Amy invited her friend Moreno onto the podcast to talk about some of his interests that he has. This will be a two-part interview. In Part 1,  we’ll be talking about space exploration. And in Part 2, we’ll be talking about his passion for filming and...
Published 03/15/23