Role Reversal with your Aging Parents with Angela Alvig
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Angela Alvig is a Personal Wealth CFO for her clients – a trusted advisor who is intimately familiar with their financial situation, values and priorities. She is a passionate, results-oriented CPA who possesses a unique combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills, with a proactive, action-oriented approach. With over 20 years’ experience in finance, accounting and the family office industry, Angela is Founder and President of Simplify Wealth LLC and leads a team of 10 professionals. Angela and her team provide a suite of financial and organizational services for their clients, giving them time and life freedom. She effectively leads the strategy and implementation of her firm with vision and heart, to ensure she and her team deliver optimal results for their valued clients. In this episode, we talk about: What is a sandwich generation? Areas of your parents well-being that you need to address How to "downsize" Tips on decluttering Tips on dealing with the emotions of it all Get Angela's online life organizer that will guide you on what you need to collect from your parents in order to help them. To see this program in video on Roku go to To watch the EXTRA portion of this show go to ------------------------------------------------------ Learn how to create a consistent income stream by only working 5 hours a month the Blissful Investor Way. Grab my FREE guide at    
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