Are curses real? Can a person be cursed, an object? And what happens when that object exchanges hands?
Published 10/14/18
I've been missing, but it was just real life junk and nothing mysterious. I'm back and we're setting sail with a woman who shows that sometimes in life crazy coincidences and tragedy can't drag us under.
Published 09/30/18
When a ship sinks it isn't uncommon for the crew to go down with her, cementing the mystery as to what happened, but what if someone survives and their survival only adds to the mystery? And what if after they're gone so
Published 08/10/18
This is one of the stories that inspired the show. Tonight we tell the story of a man who found fame in music, in science, and in his disappearance. Was it suicide or a conspiracy?
Published 07/26/18
A face seen by millions, a girl who would start a movement and give hope to the world and yet no one knew who she was. This is the story of the unknown and how fate draws people together
Published 07/12/18
Sometimes people just seem to be connected to one another, almost as if their lives were intertwined. Today we tell you about someone rather famous and the strange tales of the lives that seemed to be effected by him.
Published 06/14/18
Drastic times call for drastic measures and when a city is suffering from a drought they tend to get pretty drastic. This is the story of a man who made it rain and a city that left him out to dry.
Published 05/31/18
What is a curse? Can families be cursed? This is the story of a famous man whose life was plagued by tragedy and a curse that would follow him until the day he died.
Published 05/17/18
Some people don't believe we are alone in the universe. They think we're visited by other beings from space. Today we share the story of a family who claim such a visitation and the crazy night they endured facing goblin
Published 05/03/18
There are people who refuse to acknowledge when their time is up. Either it's stubbornness or something almost inhuman but sometimes some people seem almost invincible. Here are three tales of people who had others sayin
Published 04/19/18
What lengths will people go to to find a fortune in gold? Will they face a cursed mountain? Will they risk their very lives? This is the story of a cused and forgotten mine and of the fate of those who searched for it
Published 04/05/18
In the season 1 finale we take you back to the 80's and share with you the story of a group of treasure hunters who make their way across a digital platform in search of fame and fortune, and a real life prize that has b
Published 02/28/18
Twins are said to share a bond that most of us will never understand, but what happens when that bond falls inside the darkest reaches of the mind? Today we tell two stories of twins with an eerie dark bond.
Published 02/15/18
As kids we liked to pretend we were someone else, police officers, princesses, cowboys... but what happens when that follows us into adulthood? This is the story of a man who liked to pretend he was someone else and the
Published 02/01/18
Today we talk about "People" who were forced to live according to rules society placed on them
Published 01/18/18
Sometimes when people die they find ways to communicate from beyond the grave. This week we look at two stories where even after death the victims reached out to the world of the living
Published 01/05/18
When someone disappears it's odd, but what about when entire towns disappear? Here are three tales of towns where the inhabitants simply vanished.
Published 12/21/17
The story of an Urban Legend that has spread across America. This is the Tale of Tiny Town
Published 12/07/17
Taking a quick look at the Music Industry and fun urban legends that surround
Published 11/23/17
Throughout history there have been stories of people who were here before, those who claimed they lived a previous life, but none are as intriguing as those made from the mouths of the young
Published 11/09/17
Hollywood has produced some truly frightening Nightmares over the years but have you ever heard the true stories behind those nightmares? This is the tale that lead to one of Hollywoods scariest Nightmare legends
Published 10/26/17
Sometimes people find themselves caught up in a macabre world and it becomes so much a part of their day to day that it consumes them. Today's tale is about a woman so fascinated with the occult that it became her life..
Published 10/12/17
The wedding day s supposed to be something sacred but what happens when that day is "cursed"? Today are two stories of marriage gone wrong
Published 09/28/17
Inspired by the release of IT this week we tell two Clown related tales. One a possible Urban Legend and one that still haunts authorities to this day
Published 09/14/17
It is fascinating how creepy dolls can be. Maybe it's because they look like us only they are void of life. This week we look at two haunted dolls and tell the stories behind them.
Published 08/31/17