This solo episode with Kelly is about our multifaceted relationship with food and the importance of exploring and listening to what nourishes us as unique individuals. She covers her own history with unhealthy eating habits, relying on health professionals for healing, and how she eventually reclaimed her power of choice of food by listening to her inner voice and tuning into her intuition. She touches on how the nervous system, specifically polyvagal theory, may relate to the optimal diet...
Published 03/21/23
This solo episode with Kelly is all about reclaiming your health and taking back control of your well-being. Kelly delves into the various stages of health reclamation and how to resolve feelings of being a victim in your own life. She discusses the manipulation of information and how illness can be manufactured from taking medications. Kelly emphasizes the truer path to health and how to overcome the disconnect between knowing better and doing better. Kelly touches on inherited family trauma...
Published 03/14/23
In this episode, Kelly debunks common myths about medications and discusses the importance of reclaiming personal power to create the right conditions for healing. She highlights the dangers of antidepressants, the active placebo effect, and how medications can perpetuate the very problems they purport to solve. Kelly also explores the link between mental illness and medication-induced impulsive violence around suicide and homicide. Topics covered in this episode include the role of victim...
Published 03/07/23
In this solo episode, Kelly shares the 10 spiritual lessons she’s learned from pole dancing. She discusses how the practice helped her break down limiting beliefs and transform her victim consciousness into a powerful "I can" mentality. Kelly delves into the different archetypes of femininity and how embodying them can help in emotional alchemy. She emphasizes the importance of tending to fear and trusting in the non-linear path of expansion while never judging or telling other women how to be.
Published 02/28/23
Whitney combines spirituality with sexuality to help women feel more comfortable in their bodies and connect with their desires. Through exploring victim consciousness, pleasure ceilings, and dissociation, Whitney shares practices to expand our nervous system's capacity to access pleasure and connect with ourselves. She also delves into topics like conscious kink, archetypes, and shame alchemy, providing insights and tools for healing and self-discovery.
Published 02/21/23
In this episode, Kelly is joined by Tom Cowan to discuss the importance of questioning the concepts and ideas that govern our thoughts and lives. They explore the nature of health and the dangers of delusional thinking. Uncover the path to truth, understand why inquiry can feel threatening, and learn how to expand your awareness for a healthier, more fulfilling life.
Published 02/14/23
Today, Kelly delves into the juicy topic of embodiment as a radical and disruptive form of activism, and how our disconnection from ourselves makes us susceptible to deception and vulnerable to control. She explores the tantalizing concept of Polyvagal Theory, and how our childhood traumas can lead to a disconnection from our true selves. She exposes how this disconnection happens at a young age and leads to the crystallization of a victim consciousness — but don't worry, she reminds us that...
Published 02/07/23
In this episode, Om Rupani, author of "Prerequisites to Ecstasy" and a sex educator, discusses the common obstacles that people face in creating a rich erotic life and offers a vision for man-woman relating as a longing for a scared erotic union. He unpacks how the current dynamic between men and women is failing us, exploring emasculation and how it starts in the wounded mother/son relationship. Om breaks down how we’ve created a culture of weak men that are afraid of women, and offers...
Published 01/31/23
Join Kelly as she leads you through a short meditation on meeting your disappointment. It is an invitation to explore our feelings of disappointment in a safe and guided environment, and is related to her two-part series on The Trap of Feminism and Ending the War with Men — be sure to check out those two episodes if you missed them!
Published 01/24/23
Today, Kelly is further exploring how to end the war with men and re-envision what feminism can hold for us as women. She explores the art of self-husbanding, which includes creating containers for ourselves and relaxing our nervous system. We learn what self-devotion entails and the power we gain by caring for ourselves in the same way we desire from others. Kelly shares how by allowing men to guide and lead, and choosing to trust them, we shift the dynamic away from criticism and towards...
Published 01/24/23
Today, Kelly unpacks what she’s been exploring in the realm of feminism and man-woman relating. As a former angry activist, Kelly now asks, “What is our part in healing, correcting, and evolving this dynamic?” She looks at feminism as we know it as a psychological operation, one that has separated and disempowered us. Kelly brings forth healing solutions to bring you closer to self while also serving the collective.
Published 01/17/23
Today, you’ll get a peak into the before and after of Kelly Brogan. She’s coming on the mic to unpack 25 ways she’s evolved into that which she used to judge. From cats, cars, and guns, to functional medicine, home births, and wealth consciousness, get ready to see how we can change so drastically, it can beg the question of, ‘Who’s that girl?’
Published 01/17/23
It hurts to have unmet needs. And it sucks to scurry after crumbs when you’re starving. Join Kelly Brogan MD, as she teaches us how our pain points are portals. She’ll help you discover a world where every seeming challenge is a new chapter in your most audacious story. Plot twists, body symptoms, and heartbreak each represent an opportunity to own ourselves and learn to better wield the power of choice. Kelly will take you on a reclamation journey from the battlefield of victim consciousness...
Published 01/09/23