2 Bybel Boys
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Carli reveals the gender of her baby before the girls recap Thanksgiving, Amanda’s baby shower and the amazing bag Carli bought her! Later, Carli talks about a hilarious comment that Anthony got on his long hair, Amanda updates on how their house is coming along and Carli spills about Anthony talking in his sleep.
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Carli and Amanda are taking a break for the next few weeks. They will be using the time off to enjoy the rest of their Summer. They will be back with a brand new episode on September 1st!! In the meantime, be sure to catch up on previous episodes.  For business and collaboration inquiries,...
Published 08/04/22
In this week's episode, the sisters are switching things up as they record from zoom and a bubble bath!! Carli is giving a full recap on her family trip to Alaska, and Amanda gives us a life update on her week while everyone was away. They are talking Summer Alaska fashion, traveling with...
Published 07/28/22