#OhGodWhatElse?: Podcast Chiefs Reveal Shameful Headline Secrets – Jarv and Andrew on how the show gets its titles
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Published 06/04/23
So, we’re in the future I guess – and apparently A.I. threatens bringing an end to humanity. With top scientists sounding the alarm – should we be worried or panicked? Plus, vaping is in the Government’s firing line. Why is it on the agenda and how does Sunak balance crackdowns with his apparent...
Published 06/02/23
So it be, so it is – Succession has come to an end. We’re all obsessed with the HBO drama, so we thought why not give it the Oh God, What Now? treatment. If you’re scared of spoilers – you have been warned, this will be full of them. Andrew Harrison, Hannah Fearn and Alex Andreou discuss the fate...
Published 05/31/23