It’s the End of the World and A.I. Feels Fine
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So, we’re in the future I guess – and apparently A.I. threatens bringing an end to humanity. With top scientists sounding the alarm – should we be worried or panicked? Plus, vaping is in the Government’s firing line. Why is it on the agenda and how does Sunak balance crackdowns with his apparent Thatcher adoration? And in the extra bit for backers our panel discusses why so many of us get it wrong on recycling… Our guest this week is Zoë Grünewald of New Statesman.  “It’s not the worry that A.I. is used by an evil genius, it’s the worry the A.I. becomes a threat itself.” – Arthur Snell  “We have no concept of what super intelligent computers look like. It makes it difficult for policymakers and the public.” – Zoë Grünewald “So much of how Westminster works is personality focused. I can’t imagine a future where MPs are entrusting robots with their secrets.” – Zoë Grünewald “In public discourse it’s very difficult to imagine what a superintelligent computer looks like.” – Zoë Grünewald Presented by Ros Taylor with Marie Le Conte and Arthur Snell. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Managing Editor: Jacob Jarvis. Producer: Chris Jones. Audio production by Alex Rees. OH GOD, WHAT NOW? is a Podmasters production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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