If I Only Had a Train
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HS2 was greenlit over a decade ago and now the Manchester extension seems doomed. What does that say about Sunak’s priorities? Does he even have a mandate anymore? And even if he does, is it too late to make it make sense? Plus, hands up, who hates London? Will the UK ever sort out the North vs South debate? That’s Oh God, What Now? with Andrew Harrison, Alex Andreou and Marie Le Conte. “In the end it will just be two steam trains between two villages ironically named HS2.” – Alex Andreou. “A government has to follow through. There comes to a point where a debate has to come to an end.” – Alex Andreou. “If you take out finance and the oligarchs, London is as poor as anywhere else!” – Alex Andreou.  Thanks to this week's sponsors, the Disorder Podcast. You can listen here: https://linktr.ee/disorderpod We’re on YouTube!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVOIkIWUDtu7VrVcFs0OI0A  www.patreon.com/ohgodwhatnow Presented by Andrew Harrison with Marie Le Conte and Alex Andreou. Producers: Chris Jones and Alex Rees. Social Media Producer: Jess Harpin. Audio production by: Alex Rees. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Managing Editor: Jacob Jarvis. OH GOD, WHAT NOW? is a Podmasters production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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