Skinny Burger w/ Andrew Collin // RBP 126
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Ali has her friend, Andrew Collin, on the podcast to talk about their food preferences and disgusts, PLUS exclusive patreon stories, as well as foot in the mouth moments, and being on the road.   SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING: subscribe to my patreon:   Produced & Edited by Lee Nason: Design & Animations by Tom Bosko:​ Resting Bitch Couch Illustration by Alec MacDonald:  
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Published 01/19/22
Ali has on her friend, comedian, actor, mouth trumpeter, and podcaster, Andrew Santino, to talk about moving to LA to follow his dreams, people from his past coming back into his life, talking to a rapper about spirituality, and his dream place in Chicago and so much more. Go see Andrew on...
Published 01/19/22
Ali talks about quality vs quantity, admitting her flaws, getting owned at mcdonald's, running into a creepy fan, my love for capitalism, and her recent visit to a porn convention.    SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING: subscribe to my...
Published 01/12/22