The ENTIRE book of JOHN is explained in 60 minutes
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We are going to go over THE ENTIRE BOOK OF JOHN in this Livestream, I am going to help you understand the entire book of JOHN chapter by chapter in 60 minutes.   To sow: 
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We are diving into the book of Colossians in our verse-by-verse format. I really hope this video helps with understanding the book of Colossians in a bible study type of format!   SHOW NOTES   "If you read the Bible you would know Jesus is fully man & fully God!"...
Published 01/06/23
In this video, we're going to be reading the book of John, chapter 1. And in this chapter, we're going to be looking at how the world rejects Jesus because of his identity as the Son of God.   This chapter is a crucial part of the Bible, and it teaches us a lot about the character of Jesus...
Published 01/06/23