DO THIS! Time is running out... Understanding the book of Romans part 7
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It is time for part 7 of our verse-by-verse teaching of the book of Romans! I really hope this video helps with understanding the book of Romans in a bible study type of format!   "Paul warns the gentiles of something we all need to hear! Don't feel high and lofty just because God chose you and called you!"" - Isaiah Saldivar Connect With Isaiah Saldivar, the Host of Revival Lifestyle Podcast   To sow   
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I will be answering ANY questions that you might have LIVE and then ranking bible characters! It will be a fun time!  To sow
Published 02/01/23
Isaiah Saldivar and Vlad Savchuk are going to be discussing his latest book and discussing the important elements of fasting. Some of the things covered in this video and more detail in Vlad's latest book fast forward  -Identify what biblical fasting is  -Learn practical steps to begin...
Published 02/01/23