EXPOSING Satan's plan for your KIDS! with Jenny Weaver
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New satanic game exposes your children to a dark agenda! There is a demonic agenda in the movie, music, and video game industry that needs to be talked about. . Jenny Weaver and Isaiah Saldivar are going to discuss what is really going on behind the scenes and talk about popular games kids play like red door yellow door, new popular game cult of the lamb and more www.Isaiahsaldivar.com    SHOW NOTES  "Supernatural stuff in the church is not scaring the kids! Trust me! If anything, they are bored to death!" -Jenny Weaver Jenny Weaver is a wife and homeschool mother; she believes in building families and communities in the Kingdom of God. She is best known for "Singing the Scriptures," live each week on her Facebook page. Hundreds of thousands of people view each week from all over the world and share their testimonies of how their lives have changed since watching Jenny sing the scriptures.  Once a homeless drug addict, self-cutting Wiccan, Jenny is now a true Worshipper and Lover of God. Transformed by His renewing power, Jenny's heart is to lead people into an encounter with the Holy Spirit that will transform them as well.  Her inspirational testimony was picked up by Sid Roth on "It's Supernatural" and aired in 2019. She also released her 1st book titled 'The Sound of Freedom' with Destiny Image Publishing Company soon. Featured Guests: Jenny Weaver Ministry Site: https://www.jennyweaverworships.com/ Connect With Isaiah Saldivar, the Host of Revival Lifestyle Podcast www.Isaiahsaldivar.com www.Instagram.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.youtube.com/Isaiahsaldivar   To sow  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com/partner 
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I will be answering ANY questions that you might have LIVE and then ranking bible characters! It will be a fun time!  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com www.Instagram.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.youtube.com/Isaiahsaldivar  To sow  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com/partner
Published 02/01/23
Isaiah Saldivar and Vlad Savchuk are going to be discussing his latest book and discussing the important elements of fasting. Some of the things covered in this video and more detail in Vlad's latest book fast forward  -Identify what biblical fasting is  -Learn practical steps to begin...
Published 02/01/23