Lonnie Frisbee's best friend TELLS the rest of the story!
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Isaiah Saldivar will be interviewing John Ruttkay, who was one of Lonnie Frisbee's best friends, about the Jesus Revolution. He is going to set the record straight on what the end of Lonnie's life looked like and answering some of your most asked questions!    https://www.facebook.com/john.ruttkay/ https://www.instagram.com/johnruttkay/?hl=en   Guest on Podcast: John Ruttkay   To sow  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com/partner 
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Isaiah Saldivar, Alexander Pagani, and Mike Signorelli will be giving a prophetic warning to the body in regard to unbiblical teachings happening within the charismatic movement. Join us as we navigate the complex intersection between spirituality, religion, and occult practices, aiming to shed...
Published 05/19/23
Have you ever wondered how to prophesy? What to do when you get a word. What is the office of a prophet is vs the gift of prophecy? What happens when a prophet misses a word? We will cover all this and more!  The gift of prophecy is very important, considering Paul said above the other gifts to...
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Join me and pastor Roy Hale LIVE as we cry out to God and pray for Revival! This is a great chance to get your friends and family together for prayer.    SHOW NOTES    Guest on the Podcast: Roy Hale   www.Isaiahsaldivar.com www.Instagram.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar ...
Published 05/19/23