YOU can Prophesy! Everything you need to know about the gift of prophecy.
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Have you ever wondered how to prophesy? What to do when you get a word. What is the office of a prophet is vs the gift of prophecy? What happens when a prophet misses a word? We will cover all this and more!  The gift of prophecy is very important, considering Paul said above the other gifts to desire this one! We are going to discuss what it is and what it isn't. Is it possible we can all prophesy? We will answer this and more!   To sow
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Is Artificial intelligence a sign of the end times!? We will be answering questions like this and others during this new live stream format, where we select 25 questions and answer them live on stream! This is going to be an informative and exciting stream you don't want to miss.    ...
Published 07/31/23
A live stream where everyone calls in live and ask questions! Enjoy!   To sow 
Published 07/31/23
We will be discussing the strategy satan uses against every human to ruin their destiny. 2 Corinthians 2:11 to keep Satan from taking advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his schemes. ...
Published 07/31/23