12: Quit Your Job ft. Kandace Banks
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Lesson #1: Bet on Yourself. In this episode, Kim is joined by Kandace Banks, the creator of TikTok's viral series, #ThanksKandaceBanks, for a lesson on milking your resources. Consider this the blueprint for leaving your job and chasing your dreams. Kandace shares how she utilized a 9-to-5 to fund her passion and maximized every single moment. From her days as an underpaid and overworked fashion intern to achieving 5 million views on her latest finale, Kandace is the Queen of trusting the process. Gone are the days of working like Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada—now she’s spilling all the tea. Kim's biggest takeaway? Everyone girl needs delusional self-confidence. let's be friends? don't forget to subscribe, rate, and follow @richlittlebrokegrls !! oh, and text "RLBG" to (888)298-1772 for live updates and access to exclusive events & live conversations. timestamps for you3 [03:43] - New Beginnings[12:47] - Who Is Kandace Banks[23:23] - How To Make Friends[27:24] - The Devil Wears Prada [50:08] -  Inside #ThanksKandaceBanks[1:10:17] - Red Light, Green Light[1:21:00] - Certified Tip For The Girls
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