Knowing God - Part 24 | Men's Bible Study by Rick Burgess
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As an educator, coach, author, and speaker, Dr. Shawn Brower sees the direction our culture is heading. Boys are being feminized in the name of ridding the world of "toxic masculinity." Dr. Shawn Brower's latest book, "Stand To," flips this narrative, shows how to find biblical masculinity, and...
Published 07/24/21
Trent Howard is an offensive lineman at Clemson University during the dawn of a new era in college sports. Student athletes are now legally allowed to cash in on their "name, image, and likeness." These NIL deals could be a great way for students to make a little extra money, but critics say...
Published 07/17/21
Black Lives Matter has hijacked the civil rights movement. Its supporters have shifted away from Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of character over color. Now it's color over everything. In his book "Not Equal," Ryan Bomberger details his life as a half black, half white man and his fight for true...
Published 07/10/21