Riled about Italian food and Fiji time
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Today we’re riled about palm tree berries, Dutch people, foreign food, solo travel, The Rock, Fiji cab rides, luxury cars, and career advice. Arielle and Matt are continuing their unique and innovative segment, Fan Questions, leading them to talk about all things travel, geography, and career advice. Arielle shares the story of her solo trip to Paris where she met up with a friend and cried over delicious food and Matt explores the different levels of scariness when it comes to traveling alone, starting with traveling as a baby and ending with traveling as a giant man.
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We’re so happy you’re tuning in yet again to the world’s smartest podcast, featuring the world’s most incredible singer. This episode starts off with a heated debate between the cuties: is Arielle a good singer or a great singer? Unfortunately, Matt once again is being a bit too honest here,...
Published 08/10/21
Published 08/10/21
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