Riled about magicians and music videos
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Today we’re riled about vlogs, David Blaine, bouncy noses, Christmas gifts, emo videos, Matt’s upcoming birthday, private jets, and Jason Derulo. The co-hosts inspire the Riled Uppers with some amazing, thoughtful gift ideas for the holidays and beyond, while meanwhile, Matt does his best to uncover what he’s getting this year for Christmas. Plus, Arielle explains what went down during her past interactions with a super famous frog-eating magician and Matt explains what YouTube is – basically, a hot new site that is similar to blogs but with video instead. We know, groundbreaking.
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This episode takes a lot of turns. We start out by analyzing Matt’s recent farting activity, get real deep about anxiety, discuss what it means to be “ugly hot” versus “hot ugly,” and then circle right back around to farts. It’s a real rollercoaster over here, Riled Uppers. The hosts also go off...
Published 07/20/21
Hey, Matt’s mom, if you’re listening to this podcast episode... don’t. Matt and Arielle do not want you to hear what they hypothetically plan on doing with various celebrities so you’re going to want to exit that podcast app stat. Don’t get us wrong – the cuties are still fully engaged and doing...
Published 07/13/21
Watermelon sugar, hiiiiiii. We’re so excited you could join us because we have a lot to tell you, including the latest Love Island news (which involves Arielle locking lips with islanders) and the new business your hosts are starting. All very exciting. We also experience a murder live on the mic...
Published 07/06/21