Riled about acronyms and FaceTiming our moms
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If you’re a fan of AIM acronyms and FaceTiming your mom, this episode may just be for you. The two cuties are riled about friends who are living their lives like retired people, Gmail’s tendency to make us look like idiots in our mail icons, and Drake’s beef with Kanye West and the resulting song which is chock-full of poop scoop. Matt recounts the time he snuck vodka bottles into Les Deux nightclub (and how that situation ended for him) and Arielle shares that she doesn’t know how to spell the word “scorpion,” but she does know plenty about acronyms. The real question is... does she know enough to win $1000 in our new weird gameshow? One thing is certain; today’s episode will definitely make you a dumber person or a smarter one. Either way, we’re so happy you decided to come along for the journey.    You can find Arielle on the 'gram @Arielle and Matt @MattCutshall. Please be sure to rate, review, and follow so we can continue to get riled!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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