Thighs Fell Apart by Kiru Taye – Romantic Erotic Audio Story
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Thighs Fell apart by Kiru Taye is an erotic tale of forbidden love.Enjoy this audio story of two lovers who wish to be with each other forever. Find out what obstacles they face in this short romantic erotic story. Thighs Fell Apart was originally published on Brittle Paper. If you enjoy this podcast, don’t forget […]
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What happens when you have a sexy mail lady that everyone wants to bang, but she happens to be interested in you? Find out in this sizzling erotic audio short story.
Published 05/17/18
Published 05/17/18
A Certain Kind of Longing is a love story that narrates two very different type of love or loving someone. The first is the intricacies of being a Gay man in a country where it is not readily accepted and loving someone who is still in the closet, while you yourself are not exactly out […]
Published 05/19/17