The Illicit Neighbor – Romantic Short Story Audio – Part 2
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Kim lived an average life until a chance encounter with a mysterious man. He was everything she wanted in a man until his past came back calling. Find out what happens in this romantic love story filled with mystery and suspense. This is part 2 of 2.
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What happens when you have a sexy mail lady that everyone wants to bang, but she happens to be interested in you? Find out in this sizzling erotic audio short story.
Published 05/17/18
Published 05/17/18
A Certain Kind of Longing is a love story that narrates two very different type of love or loving someone. The first is the intricacies of being a Gay man in a country where it is not readily accepted and loving someone who is still in the closet, while you yourself are not exactly out […]
Published 05/19/17