Mediawatch for SUNDAY 19 Sep 2021
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Mediawatch looks at how the media zeroed in on our social cohesion this week - as the current lockdown in Auckland became the longest we've had so far. Also: Mediawatch talks to the BBC's Peter Taylor, a reporter with 50 years of experience reporting terrorism and violence -- and how it can be overcome...
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Ever wondered how some people are able to function optimally on just a few hours' sleep, while others still find themselves feeling a lot less than ideal after a solid eight hour shift? Those lucky people who thrive on limited but more efficient sleep ('short sleepers') could be benefiting from a...
Published 10/17/21
Federico Rossano, director of the Comparative Cognition Lab at UC San Diego, joins the show to look at whether dogs do miss people when they're not with them. 
Published 10/17/21
Annabel Langbein and her daughter Rose have collaborated again, releasing their second cookbook, the aptly-named Summer at Home. After three years of life in the Big Apple, Rose is now living next to Annabel and husband Ted in a cabin on their Wanaka property. Rose joins us to discuss Summer at...
Published 10/16/21