Kiwi cryptocurrency thriller keeps readers guessing
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In her former life, Martinborough-based author Rosy Fenwicke was a doctor who wrote books on the side. She's been a fulltime writer for a year now and won't be going back anytime soon. Her latest book, Cold Wallet: Locked. Loaded. Gone., tells the story of Jess, a lonely young woman who marries the man of her dreams, Andrew, only to have him die tragically on their honeymoon at a resort in Fiji. And that's where things start getting interesting. Andrew, a cyber genius, leaves his former business partner, Henry, out of his will and leaves Jess his cryptocurrency exchange. However, when the passwords to his cold wallets holding millions in cryptocurrency can't be found, Jess falls under suspicion. Rosy joins the show to discuss Cold Wallet and how her life has changed since she became a fulltime writer.
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