We waste $1.6 billion worth of food every year. Nearly 160,000 tonnes. With more and more people needing help putting meals on tables in the wake of the coronavirus, Two Cents' Worth looks at a waste minimisation campaign backed by 60 councils.
Published 08/14/20
The combination of solar panels, electricity storage batteries, smart household gadgets, and a boring looking black box is set to change forever how our electricity system works.
Published 08/07/20
This week on Two Cents' Worth: how tripe got the markets buzzing and what that can tell us about New Zealand's investment ecosystem.
Published 07/31/20
The closed borders protecting us from Covid-19 is keeping us healthy, but having unexpected consequences for our economy.
Published 07/24/20
In April, economists were predicting Covid could cause a 10-20 percent fall in house prices. In June, prices rose more than 9 percent - much more in some places. What is going on - and will it last?
Published 07/17/20
Glyphosate is one of the most commonly used weedkillers in the world, but there’s huge pressure to phase it out. Find out why and what that might mean for our billion dollar agricultural sector. 
Published 07/10/20
How two multi-millionaires, two pandemic futurists, Air NZ’s former boss, a dairy executive on a break, a retired anaesthetist (and a few others) nearly saved New Zealand.
Published 07/03/20
The race is on. Two Cents Worth investigates the economics of finding a vaccine for coronavirus.
Published 06/26/20
As the global economy spirals post-coronavirus and many people can no longer pay their debts or are being forced to take out new ones, is it time to wipe the slate clean?
Published 06/19/20
Bankruptcy is something to be avoided - but maybe not at all costs. Two Cents' Worth follows a woman's journey into insolvency.
Published 06/12/20
Forty percent of Millennials have one and increasing numbers of GenXers and Baby Boomers are getting in on the act too. Two Cents' Worth finds delves into the world of side hustles.
Published 06/05/20
With million dollar losses and huge staff cutbacks, there are concerns that rugby is in its death throes. Two Cents Worth looks at the economics of our national sport.
Published 05/29/20
In our new germ-wary world online shopping has become more important than ever, but the road for reliable home delivery has always been a bit bumpy. Andrew Patterson considers how we might improve getting goods into the hands of customers.
Published 05/22/20
We're bracing for a major, global economic downturn. Will the government's historic 'once in a generation' budget be enough to insulate us from it.
Published 05/15/20
Meet Bella, Jamie and Yumi. Just some of the robots taking over our jobs. But does this have to be as scary as it sounds? Peter Griffin finds out.
Published 05/08/20
Apple growers have filled our fruit bowls and bolstered our export coffers, while harvesting a bumper crop and maintaining strict social distancing for their workforce. It’s been a nightmare.
Published 05/01/20
Published 05/01/20
The Covid-19 lockdown has forced a 'Green Eggs and Ham' moment on many businesses and government departments which could jumpstart our adoption of digital technology and productivity.
Published 04/24/20
New Zealand could emerge from level-4 lockdown next week and set off down the slow, uncertain road to recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. Peter Griffin looks at what we can learn from Christchurch's recovery from the 2011 earthquakes.
Published 04/17/20
Two Cents Worth answers two listeners’ questions around how Covid-19 might change the world.
Published 04/09/20
Fortunes can be lost or made in volatile markets. Peter Griffin looks at how amateur investors are navigating these troubled waters. 
Published 04/03/20
This week on Two Cents' Worth the team look at how Covid-19 has changed the way we work and live and what business might look like after the lock down is lifted.
Published 03/27/20
As we face very uncertain times, the Two Cents' Worth team thought to try to find the economic positives out of the COVID-19 crisis.
Published 03/20/20
Fiona Acheson from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise joins the Two Cents' Worth team to discuss the economic ramifications of the coronavirus, covid-19.
Published 03/13/20
Trade Me has been our favourite online marketplace for nearly two decades, but serious competition is on the way. Peter Griffen looks at our e-commerce options.
Published 03/06/20