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NFTs or Non-Fungible* Tokens are the latest get-poor-quick scheme flooding the internet. People are spending colossal sums on not actually owning a cartoon of a monkey and using massive amounts of power to do so. So how good are NFTs anyway? There's only one (highly unqualified) man for the job of answering that thorny conundrum: comedian Rob Mulholland. *I don't really know what this means New episodes every Thursday on this channel. Big thanks to Sam Moult for his editing wizardry If you'd like to support me making more podcasts, videos and streams and gain exclusive perks and extra content then you can join my patreon from £1 here:  Watch my full stand-up special "Too Big To Fail" for free now on YouTube here:  Support me on Patreon: Join my Mailing List: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Subscribe to FC Mulholland: Subscribe to my comedy channel: Support the show (
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Keir Starmer is the former director of public prosecutions in the UK and is now the leader of the Labour Party and, by definition, the opposition to the government. But how good is he anyway? UK comedian/idiot Rob Mulholland takes a look to see how many stars he's worth. Support me on Patreon:...
Published 02/21/22
Published 02/21/22
Amazon are both our grand corporate overlords and our scurrying internet servants. But how good is Amazon anyway? Are the ethical compromises worth the convenience? Comedian Rob Mulholland gives his two penneth. New episodes every Thursday on this channel. Big thanks to Sam Moult for his...
Published 02/13/22