This week Morrison, Austin, and Ali talk about the past and future of pets, and we even throw in some pet law for no extra charge!
Published 03/09/19
This week Morrison, Austin, and Ali reminisce about how instant messaging, dial-up modems, and video chat changed everything.
Published 02/22/19
This week Morrison, Austin, and Ali talk about the huge hit Apex Legends and its impact on the gaming world.
Published 02/14/19
Morrison, Austin, and Ali answer Reddit's big questions!
Published 02/07/19
Discussing the lawsuits against Epic's Fortnite by various celebrities for use of their dance moves in game.
Published 12/20/18
Morrison and Austin discuss warfare and future technology
Published 10/25/18
Discussing the future of entertainment, law and privacy
Published 10/11/18
Are Smart Cars the future? Who's responsible if a self-driving car hits your house? Am I still myself if I use a Star Trek transporter? This week in RoCo Classics, Morrison and Austin discuss all the future of transportation!
Published 10/05/18
Should artificial intelligence have human rights? Who's responsible if a self-driving car kills had an accident? This week in Classics, Morrison and Austin delve into the future of AI and discuss Skin Gambling: the purchasing and trade of video game aesthetics!
Published 09/27/18
Will you own your own body in the future? Can your DNA be patented by someone else? This week, a Classic episode of Morrison and Austin's past discussions is revived, back for your enjoyment.
Published 09/20/18
This week Morrison, Austin and Ali discuss the burning question in everyone's minds: is the unauthorized distribution of old (and new!) games through ROMs and their Emulators illegal? Will they result in legal action? Find out this week, on Robot Congress!
Published 08/14/18
Why are Birds terrorizing major cities around the US? This week Morrison, Austin and Ali examine the electric scooter sensation that's sweeping the nation. Is it a great eco-friendly startup, or a thousand thousand lawsuits waiting to happen?
Published 08/07/18
Forbes has declared that Kylie Jenner is set to be the youngest ever Self-Made billionaire- this week on Robot Congress Morrison, Austin and Ali are analyzing this claim and the counterfeit industry that surrounds popular products like celebrity makeup.
Published 07/17/18
This week is about the Supreme Court, what they do, and the new nomination! Morrison and Austin are joined this week by Allison Rothman to answer your burning questions about the Most Supreme Court of the Land (in this case, the US!)
Published 07/10/18
The episode more requested than any other: Should esports pros unionize?
Published 05/08/18
It's always great to give, but are you giving to the right charities? Some charities will piddle away your kind donation keeping their own wheels spinning, whilst others are worthy recipients of your hard-earned currency. This week Morrison, Austin, and O'Connor dive into the murky depths of Lake Charity, sifting through the mud and picking out the gems!
Published 05/01/18
DMCA takedowns are all over YouTube, but what do they mean?! People throw around the terms copyright and trademark as if they're interchangeable! Why is the McDonalds logo Reserved? Join us this week as Morrison, Austin and O'Connor dive into these constant internet topic terms, educating and entertaining you!
Published 04/24/18
What does it take to be a video game star? How far would someone go to secure his place as the King of Kong? This week Morrison, Austin and O'Connor discuss the torrid tale of Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe, who the true King of Kong is, and some of what Austin know about Football.
Published 04/17/18
Why is everyone threatening to unplug from Facebook? Has your privacy been breached? Do we deserve privacy at all? This week Morrison and Austin delve deep into the seedy underbelly of Facebook and come face to face with the fact that maybe, just maybe, WE were the breach all along! (audience gasps)
Published 04/10/18
Should you fear artificial intelligence? This week Morrison Austin and O'Connor discuss the robot rebellion, self-driving cars, and the glorious dangers of the future-world we're speeding towards!
Published 04/03/18
Ever thought about making a YouTube channel? Want to Broadcast Yourself out there? Do you have what it takes? This week Morrison, Austin and O'Connor talk to the talented YouTuber Mowtendoo and dig into the nitty gritty of creating content online!
Published 02/13/18
My favorite streamer had Taylor Swift on shuffle in the background and now his videos are no longer available! What kind of music can I use for the background of my livestream and YouTube videos? This week Morrison Austin and O'Connor are excited to have Noah Downs aka @MyLawyerFriend on the show to talk all about sync licensing- what you music you can and can't use online to set the mood!
Published 02/06/18
Welcome to the US Congress, where the government shuts down but the politicians still get paid! Are the banks still open? Has the looting begun? What exactly does a government shutdown entail?! This week Morrison, Austin and O'Connor discuss just exactly WHAT a government shutdown in the USA means, and how often it's happened. Plus: Who's the heart of the Starfox team? What exactly is Cluedo, and why can't I kill Mrs. White with a wrench in the drawing room anymore?!
Published 01/30/18
Ever wonder what being a pro esport player is like? Do you think you have what it takes to play games on the big stage? This week Morrison Austin and O'Connor dive head-first into the booming world of esports! This week we're sponsored by the new [adult swim] show HOT STREETS! Those roads are BOILING!
Published 01/16/18