Johnny Depp
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Happy New Year from RTC! Ryan and Tina talk about their NYE and whether they believe in resolutions for the year or not. The first episode of 2022 is all about Johnny Depp! One of the most eccentric actors in all of Hollywood. Tina tackles an oldie but goodie which streamlines an exercise that has Ryan and Tina creating backstories. Who did you like more, Tiffany or August? Ryan then watches a remake of a classic movie which leads to the hosts talking about their favorite candy. All that and more on this week's episode of RTC!
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Published 05/11/22
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Published 05/11/22
Ryan and Tina are back after a short two week hiatus to talk about life! They then dive into Julianne Moore which stems conversations about the longevity of life and what they value more as well as romance and the impact it has on different areas of people's lives. That spins into a great in...
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