Is it easier to date if you have a public profile? TV presenter Richard Reid chats to host Sami Lukis about misreading flirting signals from fans, feeling invisible in your 40s and why he thinks men like to date younger.
Published 06/19/20
Would you date someone because they said you were destined to meet?  Miki Kanamaru did, and it wasn't the fairy tale she hoped it would be. Miki tells host Sami Lukis how one ill-fated ‘date with destiny’ inspired her to launch a dating coaching service for men, and she explains some of the things we can all do to achieve dating success.
Published 06/03/20
As a TV Producer for reality dating shows like MAFS, First Dates and The Bachelor, Shannon Weir has interviewed thousands of hopeful singles looking for ‘The One’, to find out what they're looking for in an ideal partner. In this episode, Shannon reveals to host Sami Lukis what she's learned along the way and whether or not this intel has helped her in her own quest to find love.
Published 05/15/20
Divorced dad Patrick teaches host Sami Lukis about the art of the perfect ‘virtual date.’ Patrick has been embracing social-distance dating and he has even been enjoying it! He shares his tips on how to make a virtual date feel as real as possible.
Published 04/22/20
Published 04/22/20
Single mother of three Wendy chats to host Sami Lukis about why she needed to take a dating time out, overcoming self-doubt in her 50s and the strategies she's designed for taking back the power in her romantic life.
Published 03/25/20
Newsreader Ron Wilson chats to host Sami Lukis about re-entering the dating scene as a widower. Ron talks about grief, guilt,  why he can’t stand the term “I’m glad to see you’ve moved on” and why he thinks it’s better  to date a widower than a divorcee.
Published 02/26/20
Single mum and businesswoman Tory Archbold made the decision to start dating again after a near death experience. Tory tells host Sami Lukis how she adapted a no-fuss approach to online dating, how she set herself a challenge to ‘win a guy in 5 dates’ and how she ultimately manifested her now-husband into her life.
Published 02/05/20
Despite never wanting or having kids of her own, Kylie dated and fell in love with a man who already had a child. Kylie chats to Sami Lukis about the challenges of dating a dad and what you really need to know about the dynamics of the parent/child relationship, if you're about to become a stepmum.
Published 01/15/20
Therapist Rachel Voysey joins Sami Lukis to discuss how people are affected by toxic relationships, the red flags to look out for in the early stages of dating and how to know if you're truly compatible with someone.
Published 12/25/19
Dating after a marriage ends can be a seriously scary experience, especially if you've never really been single before. Anna talks to Sami Lukis about why launching straight into another relationship after her divorce was a mistake, what she has learned about herself through dating and why as a single woman in her 40s, she’s now having the time of her life.
Published 11/13/19
Feng Shui Master Carolyn McCallum chats to Sami Lukis about how the processes of Feng Shui and “space clearing” can help to remove the energy of past relationships from your home and allow for new love to flourish. Carolyn explains which items in your home could be creating negative relationship energy and and why you should never have family photos or mirrors in the bedroom.
Published 10/23/19
Sami Lukis asks sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein some of the questions she's received from podcast listeners – including tips for reclaiming a lost libido, how to handle being slut shamed in your 50s and how to enjoy oral sex.
Published 10/02/19
Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein has an intimate chat with Sami Lukis about some of the issues relating to sex and dating when you’re over 40 - including Viagara, how Menopause affects your sex life and tips on how to have good sex with a condom.  
Published 10/02/19
Adam shares his experiences of dating, as a gay man, with Sami Lukis. They trade stories to see whether gay and straight singles are facing the same struggles when it comes to modern dating.
Published 09/11/19
Sami chats to “Tech Evangelist” Tomer Garzberg, who created his own data-driven dating system to find his perfect match. In one of the most fascinating discussions you’ll ever hear about dating, Tomer might just make you question everything you thought you knew about looking for love.
Published 08/21/19
Sami gets a dating tutorial from Summer Maughan, a professional matchmaker, who thinks that blind dates are still the way forward and that people just don’t know how to use online dating correctly. 
Published 08/02/19
Geoff doesn't believe in the concept of 'The One' and thinks that looking for that one person to 'complete' us is making us unhappy. Geoff Jowett speaks to host Sami Lukis about why we should appreciate the process of looking for a partner more and start to recognise the value short term relationships can bring to our lives.
Published 07/09/19
Kate, from regional Victoria, talks to host Sami Lukis about the struggles of being single and dating in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else's business. They discuss man droughts, finding new single friends and just how far is too far to travel for love.
Published 06/18/19
Sami Lukis chats to Todd, a man she recently went on a date with. What starts out as a conversation about his deal-breakers quickly turns into an awkwardly honest feedback session about what they thought of each other on their date.
Published 05/29/19
Sarah Swain has been writing articles about her dating life for more than a decade but is still none the wiser as to why she is single. Sarah speaks to host Sami Lukis about how Aussie men compare on the international dating scene, the effectiveness of 'Dating Coaches' and whether we owe it to ourselves and our dates to give each other feedback about why it didn’t work out.
Published 05/08/19
Divorced Brisbane dad of 3, Mike, opens up to Sami about the challenges he's faced on the dating scene over the last 15 years, why the game-players aren't doing single men like him any favours, and why he thinks most women over the age of 40 are really bad at dating.
Published 04/17/19
Therapist Katie Eden Todd says you should never choose a partner out of fear that you're 'not enough' on your own. She believes many people fall into toxic relationships, which she refers to as 'Cellmate' relationships, because they're trying to heal the wounds of their inner-child. In this episode, Katie explains her cellmate/soulmate theory to host Sami Lukis and provides some valuable tips on how to find your Soulmate.
Published 03/27/19
Mark and Sami made a pact that if they were both single at 50, they would give up the search for romantic love and grow old together. Now that 50 is creeping closer, Sami Lukis catches up with her old friend Mark to chat about the pact and whether a platonic friendship is a realistic option for long term companionship?
Published 03/06/19
Liz is 56 and done with dating and relationships, but not because she has given up, it's because she has realised that she is 'enough' on her own and that there are many types of love that make her feel fulfilled, not just romantic love. Liz chats with host Sami Lukis about this addiction to finding another person to complete you.
Published 02/13/19