The Marafiote Murders: It Costs Nothing To Listen
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The 1985 murders of Dominic Marafiote and his parents might have gone unsolved had Ron not gained the trust of an informer and the killer's partner.
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Throughout his career, Ron Iddles was haunted by the first case he investigated at the Homicide Squad - the 1980 stabbing murder of bookshop owner Maria James.
Published 03/07/19
After realising he'd arrested the wrong man over the 2002 murder of security guard Slawek Tomczyk, Ron Iddles proved he didn't do it.
Published 02/28/19
The 1997 murder of Jane Thurgood-Dove - gunned down in her driveway in front of her children - was full of more twists and turns than any other case in Ron Iddles' career.
Published 02/14/19