Ep. 48 Kimberly Tang (Society Restaurant)
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My next guest was the first person I got to chat too while visiting Melbourne and I was especially excited to not only catch up with Kim but also check out the venue only having heard about it from afar. With a lavish interior and fully decked out kitchen (and chefs, when I say decked out, I mean, on the corner of some prep benches, they have a slot for paper towels, so you don’t need to run to the other side of the kitchen just to dry your hands. Like, it’s clear a chef designed this kitchen. And with Kim on her way to achieving an incredible amount in the culinary world, I’m lucky to have caught her early on just before the 30 under 30 Victorian chefs dinner, which is an awesome event to be apart of by the way. So Kudos Kim! And to everybody else, cheers for tuning.  Roots podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and veg supplier led by Luke Kohler, who has provided Sydney with some of the best and local produce since he was 16 years old and still smashing it today.  Music by Charlie Fester Head to rootshospitality.com.au for some more behind the scenes content on this episodes guests or follow @roots_hospitality for the latest news. 
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