Ep. 50 Mo Zhou (Restaurant Gaea)
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Ever been stitched up while doing a pop up at a house on a mountain in China with no electricity? How did Mo get out of it? Sometimes I don't think he even knows. It was almost as if he had repressed it until I mentioned the Yunnan Provence.  But when Mo reflects on what he calls "the wildest pop up he has ever done", he could only laugh in how he found himself in that situation to begin with.  Mo started his culinary career as an apprentice at Attica, which helped shape his appreciation for produce on all levels and to think outside the normal in order to tease his customers expectations. In doing so, it's clear that Mo enjoys challenging himself to improve and defy even his own initial standards.   Take for example, he has challenged himself to come up with a new degustation menu every month without repeating a single dish. This means that even during the past two years with the opening and closures in Melbourne, he pushed 19 new menu’s. Which is insane to do during such a chaotic time.  But this is a testament to Mo, whose creativity continues to inspire and influence chefs such as myself, to change our perspective on dining and what it means to provide an exceptional hospitality experience.  Roots podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and veg supplier led by Luke Kohler, who has provided Sydney with some of the best and local produce since he was 16 years old and still smashing it today.  For more of the latest news and hospitality updates follow @roots_hospitality on Instagram or head to the website over at rootshospitality.com.au Music by Charlie Fester
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